About us

Publishing house ''Iedvesmas grāmata'' is built to inspire upcoming authors to create an original literature, encourage them to publish their own books and break the stereotype of that your own book publishing is impossible.

''Iedvesmas grāmata'' will help both upcoming and well known authors to publish books for their own joy (hobby books), books to sell at bookshop, memory books, photo books, calendars, business cards, flyers, newspapers and etc. We will publish everything that you are intended!


Authors have a chance to:

1) Take part in their book publishing process;

2) To be aware of all the stages of publishing;

3) Get professional artist, reviser and literary editor help;

4) Join after publishing promotions for book.


What to do?

If you have decided to publish a book, you need to act the following: send your written work manuscript, which is ready for publishing to us, email - iedvesmasgramata@gmail.com

In a letter it is advisable to write all the important information about your idea of publishing this book as well as give an answer to these questions:

1) Which genre will be a book;

2) What is the format of the book;

3) What is an approximate number of pages (point out if this number is in A4 format);

4) Will the book be in hard of soft cover

5) How many books will you need;

6) If inside of the book will be black and white or colourful printed;

7) Will the book be intended to be a hobby book or for sale at bookshops.

What is a difference between a hobby book and a book for sale?

The book for sale is a book, which you can see at bookshops after the publishing, which you can present and offer to buy. Book has all the nationally determined registrations and bar code, so the book would be recognized by modern technologies.

When registering a book, you need to reckon with a fact, that 7 books must be handed to Latvijas bibliography center, later on they move to archives.

Outlay is divided in two categories:

Costs of preparation and printing

Costs of preparation need to be paid only once, no matter how many and how often books are reprinted.

Hobby books are not intended for sale at bookshops. You have created your own work, which you wished to see in the form of book. It is not important what anyone thinks about the book, because only you, your family, friends and maybe some acquaintances will see it. It is your dream in the form of a book by investing only a small amount of money for the publishing. Preparation costs for hobby books are included in the price of a book.

If needed, publishing house may allow an author to make the payment in multiple parts, to ease a publishing process.

Reviser and/or literary editor

Publishing house is offering a revisers and/or literary editors’ service. Costs in this case are counted individually by the amount of specific workload. Keep in mind that you should have your literary language expert (it could be you friend or acquaintance.), which could adjust and correct a book before publishing. In your own creative work, you can often make the most basic mistakes without noticing and it is only natural.

When the book is handed over for printing, it is time to start planning your first presentation of the book. You can do it on your own, but if needed, ''Iedvesamas grāmata'' will help you.

Book is ready! We ''Iedvesmas gramata'' are sending you a happy message and agree about a receiving of the book.

Further processes are linked with a realization of a book, but that is a conversation with each author individually.