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A bit more about our "Inspiration book" work.

There are many talents in Latvia that would be very happy to add books to readers' books with their literary works, as long as they have the opportunity to publish their own books. There are many publishing houses in our country, but young authors are often afraid to address them because they are not ready to cover the high cost of publishing books and it is very difficult to obtain full material support from the publisher. 

So here are we - Your "Inspiration Book"! If you have created an original work and you want to publish it - come to us! We publish novels, plays, poetry books, coloring books, hobbies for our joy. c. Our authors represent all generations. If you have a person in your circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances, whose notebooks contain creative treasures that have not been revealed to the wider public, tell us! We'll be happy to help you make a new book!

Authors like Kristīne Teilāne, Brigita Baseviča, Maija Stepena, Sandra Cīrule, Lelde Podniece, Arnis Kauķis, Valdis Eglītis, Biruta Kalēja, Andris Jākobsons, Ineta Kalsone, Inese Tora, Beat Grisle, Oskars Feldmanis, Valdis Volks and others have already published with us.